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FRIENDS Trivia on Monday, Oct 9. 6:30pm. Answer trivia questions on the Friends TV program.

Adult Trivia on Tuesday, Oct 10. 6:30 pm. General Trivia questions

Corn Hole practice on Wednesday, Oct 11. 6-9 pm. Come and toss bags!

Happy Hour on Thursday, Oct 12. 4-7pm. Members Happy Hour(s)

Friday Food on Friday, Oct 13. 5:30m. Soup and Salad

Cancer Crawl also on Friday, Oct 13. The Legion is part of a Cancer Crawl for the benefit of cancer organizations. Info at Post

Karaoke on Saturday, Oct 14. 8pm. Come sing your li'l pea pickin' heart out! Exercise those vocal chords!

Thanks for your participation at your local American Legion. Bring friends, who are always welcome. We offer membership to Veterans in the Legion, Auxiliary member ship to Grandmothers, Mothers, Daughters, Male or Female Spouse, and Direct Descendants and Adoptees of the Veteran. Sons of the American Legion (SAL) membership is open to all Male descendants of a Grandparent or Parent who was/is eligible for membership, regardless of if they actually were a member.

We also have Social Memberships, for those who don't qualify in the above circumstances, that gives you full access to all benefits of the Legion, including Lounge and all events.

For further clarification or questions, email me at:

Richard Johnson, Adjutant Post 24

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